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24-hour monitoring


For the ultimate safety and security, paired with peace of mind, a 24-hour monitoring system can allow you to watch over a particular few or all aspect of your home or business property. If you care about the value and protection of your property, give us a call today in or around Navajo County, AZ to learn more about how we can easily customize our monitoring systems to match all of your needs and wants.

Surveillance Systems

Are you worried about not knowing what happens on your property when you’re not there? Our surveillance systems are certified and guaranteed to last for the years to come so that you can have a calm in your life knowing that your property will never fall victim to thieving, graffiti, or more. Contact us today through our contact page to get started. We look forward to working with you soon.

Smoke and Fire Alarms


To ensure the safety of both your loved ones and your home, it is vital to have a smoke and fire alarm properly installed and maintained in your Navajo County, AZ home. With our hot weather, things can sometimes become dryer than usual and become kindling for a rogue spark or ember. Call today to schedule your upcoming smoke and fire alarm service with our AMK Solutions LLC team.

Nurse Call

Are you worried about a loved one or yourself falling and getting injured and not being close enough to any sort of telecommunication device to get help? Our nurse call lines will allow you to have peace of mind and live a stress free life knowing that no matter where a fall or injury happens in the home, a nurse or 911 will always be able to be notified. Call today to learn more about the importance of nurse calls lines in the home.

Fiber Optics and Installation Service

Fiber-optic lines can be installed into your home or company and connected either aerially through existing telephone poles, or underground, to give a more streamlined and clean look to your property. No matter how you’d like for your fiber-optics to be installed, our team has the expertise and professional knowledge needed to do so in a prompt and professional manner. Call today to get started in Navajo County, AZ.

Other Services Include:

Intercom System

Phone Systems

Structured Telecom Cabling

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